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Being one of the premier districts in Downtown Atlanta, Georgia, the Peachtree Center is served well by the local public and private transit system. In fact, the popular neighborhood has its own MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) metro station to serve daily commuters and tourists. Located more than one hundred feet below the corner of Peachtree Street and Andrew Young International Boulevard, the Peachtree Center Station is served by the Red Line and Gold Line of the MARTA rapid transit network. Being the deepest underground station in the MARTA system, Peachtree Center Station offers escalators for a convenient transfer between the train platforms and street level.

The Red Line consists of 19 total stops between North Springs Station and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Trains along the Gold Line stop at 18 Stations between Doraville and the airport. For the most part, both MARTA metro lines follow a similar path and serve major stops such as Civic Center, North Avenue, Midtown, Arts Center, and Lindbergh Center. Additionally, the Red Line and Gold Line allow for a convenient connection between Atlanta's major airport and the downtown district featuring the city's major attractions and hotels. To transfer from the Red Line and Gold Line to the Green Line or Blue Line, passengers can use the Five Points Station. The Blue Line and Green Line can be used to get to all eastern and western parts of Atlanta, including the Dome/Philips Arena/CNN Center Station.

Peachtree Center is also well served by several MARTA Bus routes. Route 110, known as the Peachtree Street Route, primarily runs along Peachtree Street between the MARTA Lenox Station and Five Points Station. Bus Route 16, known as the Noble, also serves the Peachtree Center and runs between Five Points Station and the plazas near Druid Hills Road and Briarcliff Road.

The Atlanta Brookwood Station, also known as Peachtree Station, is served by the Amtrak Crescent Line, which operates between New York City and New Orleans, Louisiana. MARTA Bus Route 110 stops directly at the Amtrak Station, offering a convenient transfer option between the station and the Peachtree Center.

Being of the busiest districts in Atlanta, the Peachtree Center offers plenty of parking garages to accommodate drivers. However, parking rates come at premium prices because of the premier location in the heart of Atlanta. Nevertheless, the grid system of streets such as Peachtree Center Avenue, Peachtree St, Andrew Young International Blvd, and Courtland St offer a smooth ride near Peachtree Center.

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